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We help companies identify and leverage the appropriate amount of Business Intelligence & Analytics technology needed to drive innovation in their space.

Innovative use of big data drives competitive advantage in today's business. We specialize in connecting the points between volumes of raw data and the actionable insights needed for success.

What can we solve for you today?

Sales Reporting & Analysis

Promoting informed decision making through data visualization.

  • Dashboard and scorecard development.
  • Big Data integration and source harmonization.
  • Automation of cyclical report generation and delivery activities.
  • Front-end report solutions applied to data warehouse environments.
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Innovative Industry Experience

Solutions for analysis at the speed of business.

  • Self-service analytics.
  • Category, Brand and Trade Promotion analytics.
  • Marketing mix effectiveness.
  • Direct-Store-Delivery analytics and statistical modeling.
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IT Consultants

Best-practice IT consulting for needs including:

  • Microsoft Access and Excel VBA Developers
  • SQL Server and SSRS Consultants
  • Essbase Consultants
  • Tableau Consultants
  • ASP.Net Developers
  • IT Project Managers
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